Park Networking

Virtual power plants - networks of interconnected, decentralized power plants (photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biogas, or wind) - serve for the joint marketing of electricity. Fast inter-plant communication, along with intelligent plant control, is required to ensure flexibility and reliability.     


Smart Power Plant Controller (SPPC)

Bachmann's park controller provides intelligent control for a wide range of energy generators and is certified to VDE-AR-N 4110/4120.

For use at the point of common coupling, the controller communicates with energy generators such as wind turbines, photovoltaic installations, or storage systems, along with energy suppliers or direct marketers.

Simple configuration and proven Bachmann hardware make this product stand out.


Network Protocols

Where fast protocol runtimes and deterministic data transmission are important, Bachmann has developed a network protocol specifically to meet these networking requirements. The Bachmann bluecom protocol secures communication between parks and with the park controller (SPPC) via a simple and flexible configuration.


Telecontrol Protocols

The communication and control of an energy park involves a wide variety of different parties. In addition to power generation plants such as wind turbines, which provide electricity production, energy suppliers and direct marketers also have access to the park. Setpoint specifications are often issued via standardized telecontrol protocols, such as IEC 61850 (with MMS), IEC 60870-101/103 /-104, GOOSE - all fully supported by Bachmann.


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