bluecom defines an open real-time transmission protocol optimized for the requirements of diverse Ethernet based network structures that have grown over time. Structures such as these can be found in the networking of alternative energy plants, for instance, the so-called virtual power stations.

bluecom connects hundreds of network devices deterministically and is not assigned to proprietary extensions of Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3. The user is free to choose the topology, the transmission medium and the transmission rate. As a result, bluecom render the most cost-efficient real-time networking of new and pre-existing systems possible.



  • Real-time networking of more than 500 sub-stations with cycle time of less than 20 ms at 250 bytes of bidirectional data transmission
  • Compatible with every MX, MPC, MH and MC series processor module
  • Ethernet-based real-time protocol without specific requirements for networking topology
  • Optimized for speed and bandwidth utilization
  • Efficiency by design (low CPU and networking utilization)
  • Hot-plug functionality when removing and adding network stations
  • Parallel communication via the same interfaces and media, without impact on real-time capabilities (HTTP, FTP, video, VoIP etc.)
  • Priorization of Ethernet traffic acc. to IEEE 802.3q
  • Configurable bandwidth limit
  • Subnet formation and cascading
  • Multi-master functionality
  • Integrated error detection and diagnostics functionality
  • Configurable I/O mapping of network variables
  • Programming and diagnostic interface in IEC 61131- 3 and C/C++



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System overview