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In all situations where machines might endanger people, safety from Bachmann comes in. Through the use of redundant processors in lockstep operation, diversity at instruction set level, rigorous cyclic self-tests and a safety-certified engineering toolchain, the Bachmann safety solution offers the safety you need for a safe and standard-compliant performance of your machine or plant.

The Bachmann safety solution meets all the requirements of the European Machinery Directive and is approved up to SIL3 / PL e by TÜV.

Your Advantages

Bachmann Safety Solution

All-in-one solution

Consistent and reliable system solutions from a single source - safety expertise in hardware and software and supportive and personal consulting.

Maximum flexibility

The freely configurable safety concept enables the decentralized distribution of the safety modules in the network.

Full compatibility

Complete integration of the safety solution in hardware and software into the existing automation system.


Minimized wiring and installation costs, reduced training requirements, and shortened downtime.

Engineering from a single source

You do not need any additional tools. Configure, program and debug your application in the Safety Developer of Bachmann's Solution Center.

Consistent Safety Solution

Bachmann's safety solution is fully integrated with non-safe operations management, enabling seamless data flow from the safe sensor in the field to the cloud. This gives you access to your data wherever you need it to be in the picture about the status of your plant.

All Bachmann safety modules also provide the acquired process data in a non-safe manner and independently of the safety cycle of the plant management.

The safety modules for the acquisition of analog and digital safe process data can be freely placed in spatially distributed systems and do not require separate communication paths or an additional safety fieldbus. Additional external safety sensors from third-party manufacturers can be optionally connected via ProfiSafe.


M1 Safety Portfolio

Certified Safety Modules at a Glance