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The SDI208 module adds an additional 8 input channels to the SLC284 safety processor module. A homogeneous total system is created through independent and safe integration in the M1 controller. Through the free choice of the slot – either directly beside the safety controller, through bus expansion, or several hundred meters away through the FASTBUS – the safety system can be optimally adapted to the distributed requirements and existing infrastructure of the system. 

The SDI208 safety digital input module is approved under the latest safety standard IEC 61508. The SDI208 can be easily integrated in the safety application, comparable with a standard I/O module – as the proven »SolutionCenter« development platform offers the easiest configuration, most flexible type of programming, and a safe simulation via easily combinable PLC-Open function modules. All variables, and states of the SDI208 safety digital input module are accessible in all other machine program languages (PLC, C/C++); visualization is also available and makes cumbersome parallel wiring unnecessary.



  • 16 digital inputs – can be used redundantly in pairs (PL e/SIL3/Cat 4)
  • Safe monitoring of the inputs with redundant 32-bit microcontrollers
  • Several SDI208 modules per controller possible
  • All safety I/O states can be used by M1 controller
  • Safety programming via SolutionCenter
  • Galvanic isolation between the groups
  • Galvanic isolation from the system
  • Operating state display »SAFE«
  • Status display for each channel via LED

Approvals / Certificates

System overview