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The SCT202 is a safety module for measuring safety-related rotations. For this it provides inputs and outputs which enable the implementation of safety applications up to SIL2 and PLd.


The module offers the following I/Os:

  • Two safety input blocks that can be used as an incremental interface (each connectable with symmetrical A/B/N tracks). The measuring result is available to the user both as a frequency as well as in the form of a counter status. 
  • Two safety input blocks that can either be used as a counter input (connection of initiators) or latch or referencing inputs. 
  • Two safety digital inputs that can also be used as latch or referencing inputs.
  • Two safety digital outputs as safety short response shutdown contacts which are ideal for overspeed detection (reaction time: ≤ 1 ms).


Other special features:

  • Frequency measuring directly in the module
  • Qualified for use as non-safety counter / speed measuring module
  • Integrated referencing function (initiator, zero pulse and combination, as well as via software)
  • High speed shutdown on overfrequency
  • Zero speed monitoring
  • Available as ColdClimate module


Approvals / Certificates

System overview