Whether you need a complete condition monitoring system or individual sensor technologies, retrofit or plant installed, we offer the solution required. 

Ensuring high operational availability requires a comprehensive maintenance strategy consistent with the machinery design. Heavy mechanical systems (power trains, gears, prime movers and bearings) are an area where condition monitoring can provide a significant cost benefit to the all the stakeholders, due to the high cost implications of failure. 

A continuous and, if possible, automatic monitoring of the mechanical systems is the ideal solution to provide forewarning of fault conditions, allowing time for planning of component exchange and avoiding the risk of consequential damage and long downtimes associated with unexpected failures. Vibration Analysis has long been recognised as a very versatile technique for condition monitoring.

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CMS – Modules, Measuring Systems and Sensors

Use cases and Product overview

AIC206Vibration Sensor Input Module
AIC214Vibration Sensor Input Module
Measuring systemTyp


Certified monitoring solution
CMSadvanced is an intelligent monitoring solution without mechanical moving components such as hard disks or fans, which is robust for use under harsh ambient conditions. 
The system is tested and certified to DNV requirements.
Top Box and Integrated Systems


Stand-alone solution
Data capture on-site, sent off-site for further processing in WebLog Interface
Top Box Solution


CMSportableCMSportable provides 18 channels of IEPE vibration monitoring for those jobs where using a hand-held system is just not tenable
BAM100Acceleration Sensor
BAM500Acceleration Sensor
3D MEMSAccelerometer
Cantilever-Sensor (CLS)Sensor for structural loads
µ-bridge SensorSensor for sound waves and flexural vibrations