Bachmann offers two piezoelectric accelerometers. Our sensors follow the tried and tested industry standard design for acceleration sensors, including an extremely robust housing, hermetic sealing and an insulated housing. This means that they are suitable for demanding ambient conditions. 

The small size and simple mounting arrangement, via a threaded stud, make them suitable for a wide variety of measurement points. Straight or angled cable connectors are available for the standard 4-pin M12 connector to ensure optimum cable runs. 

The built-in electronics of the piezoelectric acceleration sensors offer sensitivity down to frequencies below 0.5 Hz, and a flat response over a wide frequency range. Signals are delivered by the IEPE constant current method and are connected to (and driven from) the IEPE inputs of the AIC2xx modules. 

The BAM100 sensor has a nominal sensitivity of 100 mV/g, generally used for rotating machines with speeds over 2 Hz (120 rev/min). 

System overview