Based on the robust Bachmann M200 modules that are used with the proven Bachmann CMSadvanced and CMScompact, the CMSportable has 18 channels for IEPE sensors and it enables temporary vibration measurement in mobile deployment.

Bachmann makes complete CMSportable systems available, including sensors and connecting cables, for flexible measurement campaigns and for operators of industrial plants or wind turbines, for example, enables temporary, multi-channel data logging for evaluation of the state of mechanical components in drivetrains. In this regard, data can always be logged if provided process parameters are within prescribed ranges. 

With an internet browser the configuration of the CMSportable can be flexibly adjusted,measurements can be started, data can be recorded for a desired period of time, and checked for completeness.

As with all permanently installed Bachmann-CMS products, after the measurement campaign the measurement data is stored on a WebLog Server and analyzed with the WebLog Expert® expert software.

For longer deployments it is possible to reach the CMSportable via the network interface for periodic internet remote access.

This means that for plants equipped with a permanently installed CMS, CMSportable permits flexible measurement campaigns and unlike simple, point-based offline vibration measurements, it offers a selective consideration of suitable operating conditions.



  • 18 channels of IEPE enabled vibration channels
  • 1 speed signal inputs
  • 3 analog inputs for process parameters
  • Browser-based controller software
  • Remote access 
  • Compatible set of sensors



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System overview