Built from the same modules that power Bachmann’s proven CMS, CMSportable provides 18 channels of IEPE vibration monitoring for those jobs where using a hand-held system is just not tenable. 

Many wind farm owners restrict access to the nacelle during operations, or maybe your visit is on a calm day. CMSportable provides enough channels for a comprehensive survey of your turbine (or other equipment), and can be left to collect data for a period that will ensure you have seen a range of operating conditions. 

Specific firmware runs so that you can use your PC’s browser to check that you have set up the system correctly, then set the recording going and leave it for the required period. 

Data will be collected whenever the machine is within the defined speed range. Once the data has been collected, the browser software shows whether the recording was successful. Data can be uploaded to a WebLog server for analysis using the Bachmann WebLog software (also compatible with WebLog Expert®). 

For longer campaigns the network port can be used to connect the device to the internet to allow periodic remote access.



  • Robust design
  • 18 channels of IEPE enabled vibration channels
  • 1 speed signal inputs
  • 3 analog inputs for process parameters
  • Browser-based controller software
  • Remote access 
  • Set of sensors available for use with the CMSportable



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System overview