Omega-Guard Stand Alone
System with AIC214 and MX207
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The condition monitoring system CMScompact is an intelligent monitoring solution without mechanical moving components such as hard disks or fans, which is robust for use under harsh ambient conditions.

The hardware and software architecture is based on Bachmann's hardware and software architecture, using a configuration optimised to reduce costs, without compromising on quality. Through high-quality hardware, Bachmann's systems in the field exceed 99.9% availability.

CMScompact contains an MX207 processor and an AIC214 vibration module, which offers a range of sample rates with corresponding filters. Bachmann software routines ensure regular data acquisition under defined operating conditions and transfer to the server infrastructure at Bachmann or the customer's premises. The measurement data is then processed centrally via the proven WebLog Interface and stored on a WebLog Server.

Data analysis by Bachmann’s DNV certified monitoring team, or by your own in-house specialists, is provided through the WebLog Expert® monitoring software. The monitoring results are available on mobile or portable devices through the WebLog Portal.

The system includes a set of four BAM100 and two BAM500 piezoelectric accelerometers, which have a proven track record, as well as a speed signal and all the required installation accessories.

A cabinet mounted stand-alone solution with 230 V power supply and a Top Box solution, requiring a 24 V DC supply, are both available.



  • Complete package including cables and sensors
  • Data upload to server
  • Proven technology and high quality piezo-electric (IEPE) sensors
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Robust to environmental influences
  • Watchdog self-monitoring
  • Web-based WebLog Portal

Optional Software and Services which complement CMScompact:

  • Monitoring or support from Bachmann’s DNV certified monitoring team
  • Client-based WebLog Expert® Software for in-depth monitoring and diagnostics




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