Condition monitoring products from Bachmann enable comprehensive condition monitoring of machines and plants based on the intelligent combination of data and information. The WebLog Server as the core component of Bachmann's WebLog Suite analysis platform bundles all this data from the condition monitoring systems (CMS), structural health monitoring systems (SHM) and the process or SCADA data from the operation of the plant. This information enables a holistic evaluation of the machine condition.

WebLog Interface is an interface application that enables analysis and processing of data from different CMS. Configuration of data processing is done via WebLog Expert®, WebLog Interface automatically retrieves the current configuration for processing measurement data from WebLog Server. The results are then imported into the WebLog Server database and used for diagnostics in WebLog Portal or with WebLog Expert®

The WebLog Interface has been designed so that both measurement data from CMScompact® systems from Bachmann and data from third-party systems can be processed and sent to a WebLog Server. Alarms and characteristic values are calculated and processed in the same way as current Bachmann systems as long as the data provided allows this. 

Bachmann Remote Monitoring or data hosting customers can request that a WebLog Interface instance is added to import data from other system types onto their WebLog Server. For self-hosting customers we can assist with the configuration of a WebLog Interface on their own infrastructure. Please speak to your Key Account Manager about your specific requirements.

Furthermore, raw data stored on an other WebLog Server can also be processed in combination with Bachmann's data API. In this way, data can be used for independent monitoring or in-depth expert analyses on a separate WebLog Server. In addition to entire fleets, individual plants that require special observation in the event of critical anomalies can also be focused in this way. 

Improved operational efficiency and simpler maintenance planning can then be achieved by having all your tickets and data within the same WebLog application, whatever hardware happens to be installed. 

The WebLog Interface software automatically processes the incoming data and sends the results to the WebLog Server.


WebLog Interface System Requirements
Operating systemLinux (preferably Oracle or RHEL)
Communication protocolshttp/https, ntp, dns, ssh/sftp, ftp (legacy, only for internal communication to the WebLog Server)


WebLog Interface

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