The 3D MEMS accelerometer is a high sensitivity/low noise triaxial accelerometer, which can provide simultaneous measurements of acceleration in three mutually per-pendicular axes.

Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers provide a compact and effective method for making static and dynamic measurements of acceleration. The MEMS technology uses the capacitance between plates to measure acceleration. Mass at the end of a plate is affected by acceleration, thus deflecting the plate and changing the capacitance of the device. This capacitance is converted to produce a current output proportional to acceleration. 

Bachmann offers this sensor to provide a 3D measurement of acceleration. The output is via a standard 5 pin M12 connector, giving retrofit compatibility with the Bachmann Monitoring 2D MEMS accelerometer.

Uses of the Bachmann Monitoring 3D MEMS sensor are in the field of structural motion measurement. The output can be used for blade unbalance assessment (mass and aerodynamic), structural health monitoring and tower natural frequency assessment.

Mounting is done by means of M4 screws – either on existing threaded holes or on a corresponding adapter plate, which can be fixed e.g., by means of mounting magnets - (see accessories).

System overview