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Faster on the market

With the ever increasing size of wind farms and the introduction of new technologies, the complexity of the plant management programs also increases. The paradigm of our global age is: "Faster on the market with better solutions." M‑Target for Simulink with the M1 automation system from Bachmann, helps in this regard.

If simple analytical precalculations can no longer describe or predict system behavior, then the only alternative is practical trial. If production of prototypes is no longer affordable, if usability of prototypes is restricted or the field trial would be too dangerous, the practical answer is: Simulation.

The simulation model includes both the open- and closed loop control code as well as a mathematical model of the system. Due to this early simulation possibility, the program functionality as well as the correct design of installed actuators can be checked using SIL (Software in the loop) tests.

M-Target for Simulink® creates a separate real-time application from this open- and closed loop control code with a click of a mouse and runs it on the M1 controller. Therefore, an individual HIL (Hardware in the Loop) station for tests under real-time conditions can be set up at the own workstation in just a few steps. After verifying the correct code functionality, doors are open for using this code on the real system.

Real-time applications generated with M-Target for Simulink® can be processed on the same M1 controller in parallel with other PLC programs (IEC 61131-3) and C/C++ programs. Therefore, the Bachmann M1 system offers every engineer the choice of the optimal programming language to complete the demanded application within minimal time.