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The backplane combines the node adapter and the I/O modules into a mechanically robust EMC compliant unit. Fully fitted I/O stations can thus be pretested after mounting and transferred to the application without further modification. This assembly enables individual modules to be exchanged and retrofitted without having to remove the unaffected modules.

The backplane enables real-time communication between modules as well as with the node adapter, provides the power supply to the logic side of the modules and enables module-to-module communication.

Fastening with solid M5 screws makes this variant ideal for environments subject to high shock and vibration loads. The solid metal body and large rear contact surface enable high heat dissipation to the support structure, thus simplifying use in temperature critical applications.



  • M100 system backplane for screw mounting
  • 4 to 32 slots
  • Mechanically robust, self-supporting base for modules
  • Module exchange without the removal of other modules
  • Enables complete pre-assembly and testing
  • Any slots possible as reserve (gaps)
  • Enhanced heat dissipation via rear mounting surface
  • Integrated ambient monitoring

Approvals / Certificates

Marine classification in preparation


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