Malfunctions and failures in important operating components reduce the uptimes for machines and plants. In addition to this, they often lead to consequential damage and lengthy repairs. This involves considerable costs, and the production downtime leads to financial losses.

Automation devices from plant, transport and mechanical engineering are no longer unthinkable. They control and regulate mission critical systems – often entirely stand-alone or with requirements that manual operation can no longer perform. Maximum reliability and ranges of solutions for highavailability applications call for increasingly higher demands on productivity right up to 24/7 availability. Proven ruggedness and exceptional service life data are are often insufficient here. Effective measures against network, sensor and wiring outages, as well as statistically rare component part failure, are required.

Bachmann electronic with its scalable redundancy products for the proven Bachmann automation system always provides the right solution. The redundancy product series upgrades the significant ruggedness and availability of the hardware modules universal fault tolerance. The software-only implementation based on redundant Ethernet real-time networking guarantees compatibility without special and expensive redundancy hardware and makes upgrading of existing applications possible.


The right solution for each application

Hot-standby redundancy
Maximum reliability thanks to fully automatic variable exchange and bumpless application switchover. Ideal where outages are economically unacceptable and for technical challenges like in rapid control applications.

Warm-standby redundancy
Values interchange is supported by network redundancy. Adjusts to redundant data recording and for simple and less critical redundancy applications.

Network redundancy
Using the basic redundancy version, critical transmission links are protected against interruptions due to mechanical damage and network equipment outages.

  • Redundancy cycles up to 1 ms possible*
  • Automatic switchover between variables and process value sources within one PLC cycle
  • Support of fully autonomous, dual communication guarantees maximum reliability with freely selectable transmission medium (copper/optical fiber)
  • Integration of configuration, monitoring and programming in the engineering tool SolutionCenter
  • Redundancy networking on Ethernet basis, full support of TCP/IP-based parallel communication
  • Networking topology freely selectable: star, bus, ring and combinations > easily adaptable to existing network
  • Master CPUs: all processor modules from the MPC, MC, MH series
  • Retrofitable and upgradable without CPU exchange, application of standard components
  • Support of standard applications in addition to redundancy applications, even with diverse cycle times
  • Standard operating range of -30 to +60 °C, with short-term Temperature peaks of -40 to +70 °C with condensation present when using cold climate modules


* tested with CPUs of the MPC series; limit value subject to CPU type, memory available, application size, number of exchangeable variables, network bandwidth available, network and CPU load via nonredundant applications

Hot-Standby Redundancy

Two master CPUs 
Automatic matching of the master CPUs 
Bumpless switchover 
Chronological synchronization of all stations 
Configuration and monitoring in the SolutionCenter 
Expanded diagnostic and programming interfaces for monitoring and analysis of redundancy status
Network redundancy included 
Freely adjustable switchover time, automatic switchover in case of error


Two master CPUs 
Diagnostic interface for monitoring and analyzing the redundancy status
Slaves decide from which CPU the data packet is applied (voter)
Switching time configurable 
Matching of the master CPUs not integrated 

Network Redundancy

One master CPU 
Redundant communication (cyclic and non-cyclic communication)
Easy configuration in development environment, integrated diagnostics (status, quality)
Programming interface, libraries and system variables for easy creation of applications 
Slaves work as smart substations 
Network switchover in the same PLC cycle 

System overview