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Relays are the simplest way of controlling galvanically isolated power circuits. The output module’s direct plugability relays drastically reduce wiring work, save valuable control cabinet space and facilicate troubleshooting. The locking mechanism keeps the relay in place even when subjected to shocks and vibrations. The relays offer maximum flexibility for implementation in control cabinets thanks to possibilities offered by standard relay types with a voltage range from 24 V/48 VDC or 230 VAC, a broad power range and the selection of valuable electromechanical relays or solid state for high make-and-break cycles. 
Quick and easy serviceability without the use of tools is won by availability, clear status and error display (thanks to LED) and a locking/ejecting mechanism of relays as service parts.



  • 6 relays
  • Normally open contact (NO), normally closed contact (NC), change-over contact (CO)
  • Standard socket for SIL relays
  • Electromechanical or solid state relays
  • Mechanically locked relays
  • Coil current monitoring
  • Status display for each channel via LED
  • Galvanic isolation measured for voltages from system to channel 2500 VAC
  • Backplanes BS2xx/S with protection class 1 for other voltages than SELV are available
  • Cost effective and space saving through direct wiring to the consumer without relay and terminal

Approvals / Certificates



DOR206/230 EN
PDF - 145 Kb
DOR206/230 EN
DOR206/230 DE
PDF - 148 Kb
DOR206/230 DE

System overview