Numerous switching, protective, and measurement devices in the energy technology area are equipped with an Ethernet interface and offer communication in accordance with the IEC 61850 standard. Via this interface, parameters can be assigned for the devices regardless of manufacturer, the devices can be diagnosed, and actual values can be picked up through polling or received per report or GOOSE. 

Through the Bachmann MMS Client, the M1 control system is capable of operating and monitoring such devices. The MMS Client behaves on the controller in a manner similar to a fieldbus driver: 
It supplies actual values of the peripheral devices, which are received as reports or GOOSE messages, directly to the application software. Here they are available in the process image. In the control direction, switch commands, set values, and parameters for the peripheral device can be set directly from the application program.



  • No special hardware required, pure software solution for all M1 CPU types except ME203
  • It is started as a stand-alone service directly from the application software
  • Common operation with other protocols on the same Ethernet port and in the same network
  • Configuration via SolutionCenter, no external tools are required
  • Operates devices in accordance with IEC61850 and/or IEC 61400-25 in the same network
  • Operating interface for sequential programs (IEC 61131-3, C/C++) via SMI for temporal decoupling
  • Library for PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Header file for C/C++ programming
  • Commissioning and diagnostics monitor in the SolutionCenter
  • Disclosed interface for tools and visualizations
  • Report data and Goose messages are available via logical I/O modules for application programs and tools


MMS Client

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MMS Client EN
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MMS Client DE

System overview