WebLog Import for Prüftechnik CMS data enables the automated integration of measurement data from existing Prüftechnik Vibroweb XP Condition Monitoring systems with a Bachmann WebLog Server, to allow a uniform approach to vibration monitoring.

This enables monitoring and diagnosis through the various tools provided by Bachmann‘s WebLog Portal or WebLog Expert® software, including reporting and the use of the ticket system. Machines equipped with Prüftechnik CMS can therefore be monitored using the same functionalities and processes as those equipped with Bachmann CMS.

Measurement data transferred from the CMS is processed by Bachmann’s WebLog Interface1), which converts the source data into Bachmann format and calculates spectral data and characteristic values.

Analogous to measurement data from a Bachmann CMS, the converted data is available on the WebLog Server for further evaluation and analysis using WebLog Portal or WebLog Expert®.

If changes to the system‘s measurement configuration are required, Bachmann experts will be happy to provide support.
1) Detailed information on the WebLog Interface can be found in the corresponding product data sheet

The data collected by the Prüftechnik Vibroweb XP systems is sent via a router2) in the wind farm to the WebLog Interface which transfers the source data to a WebLog Server and offers the possibility to perform the following processing steps:

2) If the communication routes and the server infrastructure are changed, customer-specific changes to the router configuration may be-come necessary.

Data in Prüftechnik format Transferred and processed data in WebLog
Time signalTime signal
Envelope time signal 
Envelope curve spectrum
Order tracked time signal 
Order spectrum
Order tracked envelope time signal 
Envelope order spectrum
Trends, diagnostic analysis valuesCV Trends


For the VibroWeb XP systems, a special version of Bachmann’s CMSSTD software replaces the firmware on the analyser. 
Once upgraded, the WebLog Interface then allows not only the data analysis in WebLog, but also enables system configuration using the tools within WebLog Expert®
Depending on the system version, the upgrade must be done on each individual turbine through the replacement of an SD Card or the processor module.


WebLog Import for Prüftechnik

WebLog Import for Prüftechnik EN
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WebLog Import for Prüftechnik EN
WebLog Import für Prüftechnik DE
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WebLog Import für Prüftechnik DE

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