In the initial project design and also for commissioning or troubleshooting, transparent information concerning states and sequences of an automatic system is essential for success. For many dynamic processes seeing a physical variable as only a numeric value is insufficient. The software oscilloscope »Scope 3« makes the temporal progression of processes visible and places this progression in relation to other process variables. »Scope 3« is an indispensable tool for optimization of a controller setting, for troubleshooting in a sequential program, or for ongoing verification of the manufacturing process on the machine. It permits specific and stand-alone data recording, archiving of the relevant sequences in a database and subsequent measurement or evaluation of a great number of values in parallel. Different trigger conditions as well as pre-trigger and post-trigger functionalities enable acquisition of all relevant data, such as in the case of sporadically occurring errors. 

Curves that can be calculated directly from recorded values facilitate retrospective data analysis in addition. A special exchange format enables saving and sending of the recording configuration and entered values in one and the same file. Thus, for example, Scope recordings can be forwarded by email and further processed by the recipient to their full extent (zoom, measurement with cursors, calculated curves, etc.).

»Scope 3« is also the right tool for the long-term archiving of measured values directly on the controller. The maximum storage space available is configured and the recording started by means of archiving limits.

Thus, millions of data points can also be archived directly on the controller. Backup and export functions then allow further processing of the collected data. 



  • Recording of analog and digital values
  • Real-time acquisition directly on the controller
  • Long-term recordings per database
  • Large number of signals 
    (multiple acquisition tasks possible)
  • High resolution/variable sampling priority
  • Versatile trigger possibilities/pre-triggers and post-triggers
  • Graphic evaluation/curve display on the PC
  • Measurement of curves
  • Scaling/shifting of curves and calculated curves
  • Overlay of reference curves
  • Archiving/export on the PC


Scope 3

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