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Incremental encoder and counter evaluations at the highest signal input frequencies are managed in automation tasks by modules of the EII100 series. The digital sensor signals to be acquired are configurable, thus enabling the connection of a wide range of sensors. The module allows the counting of pulse edges as well as the measurement of period and pulse duration.

The module offers the evaluation of incremental encoders up to 32 MHz for demanding motion and handling applications. Immediate reactions such as latch, reset or counter enable are implemented via digital inputs on the module.
If the actual position is reaching a configured target value, module-module communication enables a digital output to be switched at the adjacent module without any time loss and and thus initiate a machine response.
Integrated sensor power supply units for 5 V and 24 V directly in the terminal panel simplify wiring.


  • Up to 2 incremental encoder interfaces:
    • A, B, Z + inverted
    • 1-wire connection: TTL, HTL
    • Differential transmission: RS422, HTL
    • Calculation of the speed at the module
  • Up to 6 channels as counters / for time measurement
  • 6 DI for latch / reference / counter enable
  • 2 x 5 V DC / 24 V DC / GND encoder supply
  • Synchronous clocks 
  • Direct module-to-module communication:
    • Switching of DO at the neighboring module when the target position/comparison value is reached

Approvals / Certificates

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