The direct consequences of targeted, destructive access to a machine controller or an unintentional operating error are the same: standstill or even destruction of a machine or plant and thus production stoppage, loss of reputation and money.

Therefore, the main objective is to ensure robustness against disturbances. Protection of data and communication as well as the logging of access are preventive measures that make unauthorized access more difficult and bring irregularities to light.

Modern machines and production equipment are deeply embedded in IT environments, whether in company networks or in public communications networks, for example, for purposes of remote maintenance. This gives rise to information security requirements that often pose new challenges for the equipment manufacturer and plant owner.

In the ever more crowded international competition of machine and equipment manufacturers, the unique selling points are increasingly in the direction of software. The processing quality of different providers is comparable, and so is the resulting production speed. Experience and knowledge of the process make the difference. More and more, know-how is in the applications and data, for example, in the form of algorithms, control parameters and recipes. New opportunities with service offerings, such as online monitoring and maintenance, demand secure communication paths, strictly separate access areas and tamper-proof logging. Ultimately responsibly dealing with one‘s own company includes protecting its intellectual property against unauthorized modification, and likewise against misuse by third parties.

Driven by legislation and standards, application sectors like energy and water supply, as well as functional safety, have for some time been compelled to implement concrete measures. Particularly in these critical areas, devices and software from Bachmann electronic are implemented with preference. Different protective measures, such as secure network connections, user and access control and security logging have been fixed components of every controller from Bachmann for years. The existing security concept is constantly reviewed on the basis of current standards and directives, and further developed jointly with our customers, well before Stuxnet or Duqu.


With Bachmann one decisive step ahead

Machines and production plants are connected with private and public communication networks in many cases today. Applications in the energy and water supply sector belong to the so-called critical infrastructures and place particular demands on information security stipulated by law.

Bachmann controllers are used worldwide especially in cases where maximum availability, robustness and communication skills are called for. Many years of experience in critical applications offer each user the assuredness that he is working with proven functions that are being developed constantly.

With an extensive security package for machines and plants, Bachmann protects its units from unauthorized access and logs every write access up to variable level if necessary. Quite incidentally, the security measures increase the robustness against communication problems that are caused, for example, by faulty network devices.

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Bachmann Security Council

The Bachmann Security Council is responsible for internal coordination of security development processes as well as security-related technical and organizational measures, guaranteeing highest security standards for our products. In case of a potential security risk we provide patches, updates and recommendations for action as soon as possible.

If you discover a security vulnerability, please inform us via

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