Web server as a basis 

The basis of atvise® embedded is a lean web server. It has all the necessary interfaces to access process data, alarms and historical data. The atvise® embedded guidelines we provide make it possible to quickly and easily define sources for the interfaces to display data. Once the interfaces have been defined, the atvise® embedded server is ready and graphically supported engineering of the web HMI can begin. 

Extensive modular system 

With a wide range of prepared graphic objects, many available dynamizations and responsive-design support, atvise® embedded offers everything needed for the fast and efficient implementation of a web-capable HMI. Once created, a project can be quickly and easily transferred to the atvise® embedded server via our engineering tool. This can happen during operation, without the need to restart the runtime environment at all.

Intelligent engineering functions  

With the atvise builder as an engineering tool, users of atvise® embedded have a wide range of intelligent functions at their disposal. 

Graphic objects can be developed in a consistent modular and object-oriented manner. In this way, individual, simple subcomponents can be combined to form extensive and complex components. Configurable parameters of higher-level graphic components can be passed on to the sub-components contained together with graphic support.

The interaction logic of individual graphic objects can also be mapped in a modularised way to further increase engineering efficiency. In this way, several graphic objects can use the same logic module. A change to the logic module has an immediate effect on all referenced graphic objects.



  • Enables integration of the visualization part of atvise® into your own software
  • Use of the atvise® engineering environment for the creation of HMIs 
  • Powerful responsive web visualization with touch-optimised object catalogue 
  • Flexible design of the visualization (SVG-based to fully customised, based on modern web frameworks) 
  • Online multiuser engineering fully supported graphically 
  • Consistent object orientation of graphic objects


atvise® embedded

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System overview