The OPC UA Service is a pure software solution and can be executed directly on the controller CPU without additional hardware.

The OPC UA Server offers full and transparent access to the released controller process data. Values, time stamps and quality information is updated automatically. 
The alarm system is convenient and flexible at the same time, and automatically monitors variable values. Malfunctions are reported as OPC UA Alarms with selectable acknowledge models. The configuration is carried out in the SolutionCenter, and an API also enables the alarm system to be operated from the application. The alarm history can be saved for later access by clients. The server is integrated in the security concept of the controller, takes user permissions into account and logs write accesses.

The OPC UA client enables the controller software to access the data on external UA servers via Read, Write, Subscribe and Method Call operations. Subscribe and Write can be executed via the configuration, so that the values are then available automatically in the process image. The supplied PLCopen compliant client library can also be used.

Systems for visualization, Scada or data logging can use OPC UA as a manufacturer independent interface. The communcation can be encrypted in accordance with the latest security standards.



  • Parallel connection to multiple external UA servers
  • Subscription to values without programming
  • Write values without programming
  • Current subscription values are automatically available in the process image
  • API for OPC UA Method Call
  • Library of PLCopen function blocks included for easier programming
  • Library of C/C++ functions also included


Server Data Access

  • Maps the supply of variables of the controller in the address space
  • Address space can be modelled entirely independently of the controller software in order to emulate Companion Specifications
  • Takes into consideration the user-specific access rights to variables which are managed in the M1 system.
  • Logging of write accesses


Server Alarms & Conditions

  • Automatic monitoring of variable values
  • Discrete alarms and level alarms (High, HighHigh, etc.)
  • Selectable predefined acknowledge models
  • Configuration (variables, limits etc.) in CSV format, configurator integrated in the SolutionCenter
  • Discrete alarms are also possible without reference to a variable
  • Extensive API for PLC function block library and C/C++: Generation and changing of monitoring tasks, acknowledge, status queries etc.


OPC UA Client and Server

OPC UA Client and Server EN
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OPC UA Client and Server EN
OPC UA-Client und Server DE
PDF - 507 Kb
OPC UA-Client und Server DE

System overview