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The NEC102 node adapter maps the powerful and flexibly configurable M100 station to a standard EtherCAT interface. The operating modes of the M100 I/O modules are defined during the configuration and are available to both the Bachmann main device and also to main devices of other manufacturers. Thanks to distributed clocks on the EtherCAT stations, the implementation of short control intervals across the entire control system is given.



  • EtherCAT fieldbus IO node adapter
  • 2x RJ45 Connections (1x EtherCAT in, 1x EtherCAT out)
  • Address configuration: Automatic / SW
  • Synchronization: Distributed clocks (DC)
  • EtherCat PDO/SDO, FoE
  • Maximum process image / station: 1486 bytes 
  • Minimum bus cycle 100 µs
  • Integrated power supply unit for module supply: 20 W

Approvals / Certificates

Marine classification in preparation


System overview