Control engineering tasks in industrial plants are very diverse today. No matter whether to focus on highly dynamic positioning, a preferred pressure casting profile or constant temperatures – Bachmann electronic already provides a ready-to-use solution. Our experts in control engineering have developed highly optimized and tested software controllers that are available for all our customers and partners. 

In practice, especially electrical driven axes are often coupled virtually to build up a so-called motion system. Comprehensive products are available for realizing electronic gearboxes as well as a virtual shaft. A CNC system, able to interpolate 3D path movements, enables the usage in a wide spread application environment. As common practice at Bachmann, the control- and motion products can be used on all M200 CPU classes and executed in parallel by the multitasking system with other applications and services. 

With these products, Bachmann offers its customers an essential benefit: they can rely on ready-to-use and well-proven products, start off with their application development right away and therefore deliver their systems more quickly to the market. 


Control and Motion Control

Product overview

ControlClosed-loop Control – Mastering Processes
Motion Control Standardized drive control 

System overview