Device Manager

The Device Manager is the integrated tool for configuration and commissioning of all automation devices from Bachmann electronic. The entire M1 controller family, the panel PLCs from the CT series, the terminals of the WT series, but also standard-conformant fieldbus nodes from thirdparty suppliers are supported by this tool. Through the capability for complete offline engineering work can start before the hardware is available. The flowing alternation between offline and online configuration in both directions is not only possible for the complete controller, it is also possible for the exchange and archiving of individual hardware and software modules, as well as for complex fieldbus configurations. 

The work area is consistently organized for all topics in a configurator window and a monitor window. The Configurator shows the saved target status that will be valid after the next system startup, the monitor shows the actual status and allows manual change of values and settings. 

The hardware structure is presented in the real topology. The type of networking via proprietary and standardized bus systems is presented through the organization of a tree structure; the I /O modules can be uniquely detected and directly operated through the graphic presentation. Thus the wiring test can be executed immediately after switching on the system. 

The software for the controller is also managed in the Device Manager. The system packages from Bachmann electronic are summarized in a catalog. All the software is updated conveniently via a wizard that guides the user through the procedure. In addition to the provided system packages, the user can also put together and manage his own, machinespecific packages and transfer them to other PCs. Thus unique software states can be assured on all systems and on all service PCs. 

The variable set of all participating controllers is presented in a structured manner in a separate view. Searching for values is facilitated through an automatic full-text search; a selection of relevant values can be summarized, saved, and reloaded in an additional window. Through a trend display the temporal progression of values can be graphically presented. 



  • One interface for all Bachmann devices
  • Managing devices 
  • Backup of existing devices
  • Offline configuration of entire control systems or individual HW/SW modules
  • Offline and online configuration of fieldbuses (CAN, PROFINET RT and IRT, PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT)
  • The same mode of operation for online and offline devices
  • Consistent concept: Monitor (actual status) and configurator (target status)
  • Graphic presentation of the I/O modules 
  • Configuration and diagnostics in one tool
  • Software is managed in catalogs, user-specific catalogs
  • Flexible compilation of functional window areas (perspectives)


Device Manager

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Device Manager EN
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