Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power stations exist in ranges and dimensions that vary considerably. Beginning with separate installations at a distance of a few hundred meters up to hundreds of participants spread across several square kilometers, the installations have to maintain contact among themselves and with a monitoring and control center. Operators are placing ever higher demands on the controllability of such virtual power stations. In order to be able to react positively to errors like LVRT and FRT, there has to be a swift and reliable realtime connection to every separate power station. Diagnostic and remote maintenance tasks, e.g state-of-the-art condition monitoring analyses, should be possible parallel to time-sensitive communications.

bluecom provides reliable real-time communication technology for the highest performance requirements, specifically optimized for renewable energy systems‘ rapid exchange of information. Top reliability, easy maintenance and diagnosability, as well as adaptability to existing networks, have been achieved.
As a software-only solution absent with special requirements for CPU and compatible to a broad spectrum of network hardware, applications in user-defined topologies can be put into effect, having up to 500 participants and saves resources.
Library functions for cyclic and acyclic communication in IEC 61131-3, C and C++ make for the greatest easy development. The configuration, monitoring and diagnostic analysis are executed via the SolutionCenter.

Thanks to its compatibility with Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3, bluecom provides a sustainable solution for the networking tasks of modern power stations. bluecom at once predefines the optimization of performance with lower CPU and network load for master-master communication at the machine and plant level too.




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