Structural Health Monitoring software (CMSSHM) is a Plug-In to our standard Condition Monitoring Software, which enables the continuous measurement and recording of raw data. It also post-processes the data to give a continuous on-line record of the condition of towers and sub-structures.

The system comprises measurement hardware as well as the CMSSHM software. At the simplest level, the system can operate from a single 2D MEMS accelerometer, however a much more detailed assessment can be built by incorporating a range of different sensor types measuring at various levels and locations within the support structure (tower, transition piece and foundation).

A Finite Element Model converts data from a small number of measurement positions into an overarching model of the whole structure, providing a Digital Twin which calculates motion, loading and eigenfrequencies of the structure from a continuous stream of live data.

Rainflow counting and damage equivalent loads are used to assess ongoing fatigue damage, to the structure, and can be associated with particular damaging events (eg storms) and operating conditions to help optimise operations in the future.

Knowledge of how the structure is aging also leads to a focused inspection regime, allowing longer periods between routine inspections on structures which have not experienced significant events.

This gives a mechanism for plant protection and life extension, which can be applied with minimum effort and integrated with other condition monitoring functions.


Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated solution from Bachmann
  • Achieved with minimum sensor set
  • Online Structural Health Data allows:
    • Design verification
    • Review of extreme loads
    • Fatigue loading
    • Identification of extreme events
    • Eigenfrequency monitoring
  • Information can be used to:
    • Extend inspection intervals
    • Alter operating parameters to optimise structural response
    • Detect and solve problems earlier



  • Fully Integrated with Bachmann solutions
  • Plug-In to Standard Condition Monitoring Software running on the controller
  • Extensive set of input sensor possibilities, using GIO212 module
  • Continuous raw data record
  • Digital Twin based on continuous input data stream
  • Finite Element Model converts sensor data into load, stress and motion of the support structure
  • Achieved with minimum feasible sensor numbers
  • Produces outputs that can be related back to operating conditions
  • Builds an ongoing estimate of remaining useful life
  • Summary output data available on-line
  • Engineering consultancy available from within Bachmann Monitoring


Structural Health Monitoring Software

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Structural Health Monitoring EN
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System overview