The completely new hardware architecture and a system design based on the highest security standards are built for long term use. The function modules of the M100 series ensure the best possible future for your system with impressive performance, state-of-the-art technology, and a variety of expansion options. Make the right system decision today for tomorrow.

The EII102 combines many highly precise functions in a single module. The module allows for extremely fast edge counting, measurement of periods and pulse durations, and the evaluation of incremental encoders up to 32 MHz for demanding motion and handling applications. Immediate reactions such as latch, reset or counter release are implemented via digital inputs on the module. An encoder supply directly via the module terminals completes the product family.

The EAS102 module type makes it possible to evaluate up to 2 absolute encoders. SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) is used as the communication protocol. Furthermore, a parity check and the evaluation of transmitted special bits are supported. The counting direction can be defined via the DIR output. Referencing is initiated via the SET output. Digitally transmitted encoder errors can be detected via a separate input. If the actual position is reaching a specicfied value, module-module communication allows for a digital output to be triggered at the adjacent module without any time loss.


Function Modules

Product overview

EII102Counter / Time Measurement / Incremental Encoder Interface Module
EAS102Absolute Encoder Interface Module

System overview