Bus Expansion - Standardized performance

With the bus expansion modules from Bachmann electronic for the CPU station, additional backplanes with I/O modules can be added. A configuration is not required to do this; at system start all stations and modules will be automatically detected and initialized. All I/O modules can be reached transparently; the physical structure of the control system does not need to be considered.

Organization of the controller in multiple stations permits both spatial adaptation to the control cabinet, as well as wide-area distribution of I/O modules for extended machines and plants. There is no restriction for the user in terms of performance and convenience. The interconnected backplanes behave as if they were connected on a single, large backplane.

FASTBUS - Extensive networking possibilities

With the aid of FO-based FASTBUS solutions numerous distributed tasks can be executed easily and reliably. FASTBUS permits a mixed topology of star and linear networking. In order to design distributed stations even more compact, FASTBUS slaves with integrated power supplies are available. These stations are capable of supplying the I/O modules on the substations.

Between the individual stations distances of up to 2000 m can be bridged with no problems, in this regard the galvanic separation is ensured by the fiber optic connection. Use of the FASTBUS does not require a configuration, or other special handling in the software, but rather functions in accordance with the »plug and play« principle.


System Networking Modules

Product overview

BEM211Bus Expansion Module
BES212, BES212/NBus Expansion Modules
Fx210FASTBUS Modules
Fx220FASTBUS Modules

System overview