Achieving your goal quickly and efficiently 

With the atvise® builder as an engineering tool with full graphic support, atvise® hmi offers everything needed for the rapid implementation of visualizations. In addition to an extensive object catalogue, drag and drop support and consistent object orientation, atvise® users also have a fully integrated responsive design framework at their disposal. Numerous prepared dynamizations, drag and drop support and high degrees of freedom in implementation enable both beginners and experts to use the atvise® hmi optimally. Development is possible on 3 levels:

  • For beginners
    Simple dynamization with preconfigured dynamizations are easily created.
  • For professionals: 
    Simple Dynamics allows for dynamizations to be implemented in a variety of ways via modular toolbox.
  • For experts: 
    Client- and server-side scripting with an integrated development environment as well as the possibility of expanding atvise® with external libraries and frameworks adding more functionality.

Versatile regarding data communication 

In addition to direct connection via OPC UA Client, Siemens S7 300/400/1200/1500 as well as Rockwell Compact Logix controllers can be connected for data acquisition via the atvise® connect communication module. Additional generic interfaces are also offered, e.g. KNX, BACNet and MQTT Due to the integrated onboard OPC UA server, atvise® hmi applications can be easily expanded at any time. The special feature here is that not only live data, but also alarms and historical data can be synchronised seamlessly across several levels via the OPC UA interface. For example, after successful implementation of the HMI, a higher-level atvise® scada application can be implemented downstream without having to invest in data interfaces and without interrupting operation of the HMI applications.

Open for any front end 

During the implementation of HMIs, atvise® hmi offers a great deal of design freedom for implementation. The following options are available to our users for implementation:  

  • Pure drag and drop engineering on the basis of SVG
  • Modification of our standard components and expansion of the object catalogue with HTML-based controls
  • 100 % customised front end based on modern frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue

Consistent object orientation 

atvise® hmi has been consistently built on the basis of OPC UA, which defines standardized, vertical and objectoriented working principles, among other things. The intelligent object/type concept reduces programming effort, is more structured, compact and thus offers better legibility than data organized in lists with conventional engineering practices. This not only results in shorter engineering cycles but ultimately in better applications that can be put into operation and maintained much more easily.



  • Powerful responsive web visualisation with touch-optimised object catalogue
  • Flexible design of the visualisation (SVG-based to fully customised, based on modern web frameworks) 
  • Online multiuser engineering fully supported graphically 
  • Easy data acquisition via OPC UA, S7 Step7/TIA, Ethernet/ IP, Modbus TCP, BACnet 
  • Cascadable at any time thanks to integrated OPC UA Server 
  • Consistent object orientation of graphic objects and data structures


atvise® hmi

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atvise® hmi EN
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