Energy meters (gas, heat, output, water etc.) are required in power plants, and in combined heat and power generation in particular, for regulation, as well as accounting. The M-Bus standardized in EN 61334-4-1 is highly prevalent in Europe for the connection of these meters. The OSI model, if M-Bus is the physical layer, the data link according to IEC 870 and the application layer according to EN 1434-3 are specified for this protocol.

An integrated solution is provided by a rugged and easily installable M-Bus adapter and its convenient integration as a fieldbus in software communication.

The MBUS201 master enables easy connection of a serial RS232 interface on M-Bus via an adapter.
The M-Bus is a widely used fieldbus in accordance with EN 13757 for reading out consumption data from meters (electricity, water, gas, heat). Transmission is serial via voltage and current modulation on a two-wire line that is protected against polarity reversal.
The M-Bus protocol is integrated as an intuitively configurable fieldbus, and is addressed via the UFB (Unified FieldBus ) software interface.


  • Max. 4 MBUS201 masters per M1 controller
  • M-Bus protocol implemented as fieldbus
  • Max. 5 meters (slaves) per master
  • Adapter can be inserted directly on the DSUB connector
  • Integrated M-Bus power supply
  • Interfaces M-Bus and RS232 are galvanic isolated
  • LED display for collision detection and power supply
  • Data transmission at 300 to 9600 bps

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MBUS201 Master Adapter EN
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MBUS201 Master Adapter EN
MBUS201 Master Adapter DE
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MBUS201 Master Adapter DE

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