With their metal housing, the analog input and output modules are highly compact, extremely robust and packed with functions. The M100 hardware design minimizes failures caused by operating conditions and guarantees high-efficiency operational performance over the long run.

The cost and performance optimized design of complex automation solutions involves a large number of different sensor and actuator types. The standard 10 V and 4 to 20 mA interfaces are often not sufficient to achieve demanding objectives. With the universal talent UIO106, a single module type covers all common analog and digital signals for inputs and outputs that can be configured individually for each channel. The extensive versatility of the module is rounded off by a wide range of additional functions such as counters, encoders or pulse width modulation.

Temperature measurements represent the largest group of analog interfaces in industrial automation. Therefore, it is obvious that technical perfection and economic efficiency play a central role in this context.  Both requirements are perfectly covered by the AIO112 modules. The module allows for the acquisition of temperatures on 12 high-resolution 16-bit channels via Pt100/Pt1000 sensors in 2-wire connection technology, the channels can be operated as current outputs if required.

The AIO104/I module type offers a broad range, current loops, high-impedance voltage measuring ranges, temperature aquisition via Pt100/Pt1000 sensor in 2-, 3- and 4-wire connections, as well as thermo-couples and free configurable resistance measurement. The module offers the advantages of an extremely versatile multi-signal type analog input/output module combined with channel-wise galvanic isolation. With the integrated measurement range and configurable threshold monitoring, both sensor circuit faults and process alarms can be implemented easily.

The AIM112 module type is particularly useful when a large number of different interfaces requires a wide variety of acquisition module types. Up to 12 analog inputs can be individually configured to the required signal type. For the measurement of wide temperature ranges, channel types for all industrially relevant thermo-couples including integrated characteristic curve linearization are available.


Analog Input and Output Modules

Product overview

UIO106Universal Input/Output Module6 analog and digital inputs and outputs
Up to 6 additional channels depending on the required signal type
AIO112Analog Input/Output Module12 analog inputs and outputs RTD/AOI
AIO104/IAnalog Input/Output Module4 analog inputs and outputs isolated
Up to 4 additional channels depending on the required signal type
AIM112Analog Input Module (Multi)12 analog inputs

System overview