The J1939SRV is a software module for the M1 controller and enables communication in accordance with many CAN-based standards. 

The listed standards define data structures for the particular applications. The content of the data packets (unlike CANopen on the same port) does not depend on the configuration, but is defined by the standard. A data packet corresponds to a previously defined parameter group and can be uniquely identified by the bus stations via the message ID. 

The configuration only requires the entry of a parameter group number and the selection of the data direction (Tx/Rx). Information on data content and telegram repetition rates are stored for all parameter groups known in the module. Other parameter groups can also be used, the missing communication parameters can be set by the user in configuration dialogs.

Diagnostic messages from bus stations can also be received and displayed with their error number. 

The user data from the parameter groups is sorted by source address and created in the system as variables that can be read or written individually. This means that the data can be used in the SolutionCenter or in a visualization without any further programming effort. Application programs can read the received values without additional libraries and provide their actual values for transmission.


Possible applications

  • Monitoring and control of diesel engines 
  • M1 as an engine controller or input device 
  • M1 as a data and error logger 
  • Reading of position and speed information from GPS receivers in accordance with NMEA2000



  • Communication in accordance with the standards J1939, NMEA2000, ISOBUS (ISO 11783), ISO 11992 
  • Cyclical or triggered data transmission 
  • Receipt of data incl. multipacket telegrams with timeout monitoring and quality display 
  • Receipt and display of diagnostic messages 
  • Installation as software module, multiple instances possible. Each instance occupies one CAN port on the controller
  • Variable interface to application programs, no additional libraries necessary




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System overview