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PROFIBUS® is a field bus that is widely used, particularly in the area of mechanical engineering and plant engineering and even today – in spite of all Ethernet-based fieldbuses – it continues to show increasing quantities. A broad palette of peripheral components and an active user organization will also ensure long-term availability of PROFIBUS® components in the future. Bachmann electronic offers a fieldbus module for the backplane that can be used both as master, as well as slave. The SolutionCenter contains a complete configurator that enables interfaces to the engineering tools of other manufacturers through the consistent application of standards.

The fieldbus module DMP200 for PROFIBUS® DP (Distributed Peripherals) can be operated as DP master, DP slave or as combined master/slave, which in a multi-master network offers variables for another master. The process data is available to the application program as logical I/O module and thus can be reached via the process image or via the function interface.



  • Up to 3 DPM200 modules per M1 controller
  • Transfer rate 9.6 Kbaud to 12 Mbaud
  • 8 kByte shared memory for process data image
  • Consistency lock for data blocks is configurable
  • Two internal bridged connections for loop-through of the cable
  • Galvanic isolation between fieldbus and controller

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