Condition monitoring products from Bachmann enable comprehensive condition monitoring of machines and plants based on the intelligent combination of data and information. The WebLog Server as the core component of Bachmann's WebLog Suite analysis platform bundles all this data from the condition monitoring systems (CMS), structural health monitoring systems (SHM) and the process or SCADA data from the operation of the plant. This information enables a holistic evaluation of the machine condition. 

With the integrated WebLog Portal, the WebLog Server provides basic information about the condition of the plant via a web-based user interface. 

For a comprehensive analysis of the data, WebLog Expert® is a software solution that accesses the WebLog Server database and covers all tasks from configuration and diagnostics to automated reporting.

Key functions:

  • Web Server for the WebLog Portal
  • Data Server for WebLog Expert®
  • E-mail to and from the ticket system
  • Configuration of CMS and SHM systems
  • Configuration Template Management
  • Storage and management of measurement data and analyses results
  • Data access via APIs
  • Post-processing tasks:
    • Trend alarms
    • Severity Classes
    • Report Generation

Since the WebLog ticket system uses E-mail, you will also need to provide one mailbox account with imap, pop3 and smtp access for sending and receiving tickets.

Alternatively, you can leave all the IT side to us, and carry out your monitoring via the WebLog Portal, or WebLog Expert® using Bachmann data hosting services, saving you the effort and expense of creating your own infrastructure.


WebLog Server

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WebLog Server EN
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System overview