The bus coupler ERS202 supports serveral Ethernet-based protocols and can be used as a Profinet RT slave, Modbus TCP/UDP slave or as a bluecom station. The two Ethernet ports enable media redundancy and the operation in an M1 hot-standby CPU-redundancy application. 

The robust design as a ColdClimate version provides protection even under hard environmental conditions. An integrated power supply simplifies the construction.



  • 1 Serial interface
  • 2 Ethernet-interfaces 10/100 Mbit/s with status displays
  • 1 USB interface
  • Status indicating LEDs for RUN, INIT and ERROR
  • RAM 256 MB DRAM
  • Data memory 512 Kb NVRAM
  • Program memory of 16 MB and internal FLASH 
    (4 MB for system software, 12 MB for redundancy configuration)
  • Integrated power supply
  • Condensation-proof ColdClimate design (❆)

Approvals / Certificates

System overview