The requirements imposed on modern drive technology are becoming ever more specialized, and not rarely are mechanical engineers confronted with special requests or special regulations from the customer side. Even with the most modern machines, with the most innovative drives, special drive solutions are still requested. No problem for Bachmann electronic: With the Bachmann automation system, drive controllers can be selected with complete independence from the drive type.

Building on the IEC 61800-7 standard, an open and universal interface to the drive technology is implemented in the Bachmann automation system, with the name »Drive Middleware«. Drive Middleware takes over the translation from the logical drive with a manufacturer-independent, standardized drive profile on the respective physical drive.

The Drive Middleware interface permits selection of a drive that is perfectly matched to the respective requirements. In this regard the fieldbus technology or the product line of the drive manufacturer are irrelevant. Thanks to fieldbus-independence with concurrent standardization of the fieldbus profiles, the finished Motion Control applications can be implemented in the shortest time possible and the training/maintenance costs of the various drive worlds are significantly reduced. At Bachmann electronic, perfect solutions for every request are just part of the standard.


Motion Control

Product overview

M-SMCSoftware Motion Control
M-CNCThree-dimensonal Motions
M-SHAFTShaft Controller
Drive MiddlewareUniform, manufacturer and fieldbus-independent programming of motion applications

System overview