For the operation and monitoring of machines and systems, dedicated operating stations are usually required and the necessary software packages have to be installed and distributed with great effort. With the web-based visualization product M1 webMI pro, this is no longer necessary. Here, the visualization server is integrated directly on the controller and every device with a web browser becomes an operating device – always and everywhere.

atvise® embedded  is a modular software system implemented in ANSI-C with the ability to extract the visualization part of atvise® and integrate into other software and hardware solutions. Software applications implemented with atvise® embedded benefit from an open web interface that can be used out of the box for a fully functional web HMI. All that's left to do is define the source of the data to be displayed.

atvise® hmi is a fully functional web HMI as a standard product. With many available process interfaces, a convenient engineering tool and unlimited freedom in user interface design, this solution helps shorten development cycles and reduce costs.

Higher-level monitoring and control systems are often based on proprietary interfaces and rigid architectures, which ultimately lead to expensive and inflexible overall solutions. atvise® scada takes a new approach. Standard technologies anchored directly in the core of the solution result in a wide range of architectural advantages in the design of automation solutions. The result is a SCADA solution that adapts to the required overall architecture and not vice versa. 

atvise Release 3.9

Web Visualization

Product overview



M1 webMI proWeb visualization directly on the controller
atvise® embeddedSoftware construction kit implemented in ANSI-C
atvise® hmiFully functional Web HMI as a standard product
atvise® scadaOPC UA based SCADA solution

System overview