In a world where automation has always required a trade-off between durability and compactness, the M100 from Bachmann provides the answer: 24 digital inputs/outputs that require a module width of just 24 millimeters. Each module, encased in an EMC-proof metal housing, withstands shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and condensation – everything you have come to expect from Bachmann automation systems over the previous decades.

The modules of the DIS100 module family provide the ideal interface to the PLC/controller level. They combine an extremely wide range of functions with outstanding robustness and sensor connection options. With 8, 12 or 24 channels and a 1-, 2- or 3-wire connection, the DIS100 family scores with high-performance, integrated functions such as counters, time stamps and oversampling.

Robustness and durability are just as important as precision and power reserves. The DOS/DOH series of digital output modules ideally combines these requirements with integrated special functions and state-of-the-art technology. The most important functions are direct module-to-module communication, paralleled outputs as well as pulse width modulation and high overload capability. In terms of maximum availability and stability, the system makes no compromises despite its small size.


Digital Input/Output Modules

Product overview

DIS108Digital Input Module80
DIS112Digital Input Module120
DIS124Digital Input Module240
DOS108Digital Output Module08
DOS112Digital Output Module012
DOS124Digital Output Module024
DOH108Digital Output Module (High Power)08

System overview