As an automation specialist in the area of distributed energy generation plants, we know the significance of a powerful, scalable, and absolutely reliable networking solution. Networking as the backbone of every automation solution has the task of connecting different sub-components according to their requirements in terms of signaling. In this regard rigorous requirements are imposed on real-time capability, protection against tampering and availability.

To meet these high requirements, Bachmann electronic provides an extensive offering of different networking components. For example, our offering enables a central control room connection adapted to the particular customer requirements via Ethernet, or a machine-internal, flexible connection of the individual machine components on the controller via real-time capable fieldbuses. You decide which of the networking possibilities established on the market best fits your automation task. In this regard the transmission medium, optical fiber or copper, can be freely selected in accordance with the requirements imposed on resistance to interference and distance. Bachmann electronic is guaranteed to have a suitable solution in its product line.

Networking solutions
PROFIsafe F-Host, PROFINET® IO (RT), PROFIBUS® Configurator, CANopen Configurator, EtherCAT® Master and EtherCAT® Configurator, Modbus Master, Modbus Slave
Telecontrol Protocol
IEC 60870-5 Client and Server (Master and Slave), MMS Server, MMS Client, DNP3
OPC Solutions
OPC Enterprise Server, OPC Standard Server, OPC UA Client and Server
MQTT – Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
MQTT Client

System overview