PROFIsafe® is a vendor-neutral functional safety fieldbus which enables safe communication between safe in- and output modules and the safety-CPU SLC284. PROFIsafe® allows the user to integrate a large spectrum of 3rd party PROFIsafe® sensors and actuators into their safety solution along with safety I/O modules provided by Bachmann. 


The Ethernet-based standard PROFINET® IO RT is a manufacturer independent field bus that connects controllers and actuators, sensors and drives, or also controllers with each other. 
The PROFIBUS® configurator enables creation of networks with an M200 controller as master station and multiple slave stations

The Controller Area Network (CAN), simplified in use by the CANopen standards,  has reached high acceptance and is still used in a large area of industrial automation. Branches like ship automation or energy production choose CAN-based standards like NMEA2000 or J1939.


EtherCAT® bus system is ideally suited for controlling servo-electric drives by an M200 controller. The Bachmann SolutionCenter contains convenient tools for the configuration, commissioning and diagnosis of the network.


Modbus is a very simple, but proven fieldbus system. In principle it only knows the two data types, bool and integer, and a set of queries that are always posed by the modbus master and answered by the modbus slaves.


System overview