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The cost and performance optimized design of complex automation solutions involves a large number of different sensor and actuator types. The standard 10 V and 4 to 20 mA interfaces are often not sufficient to achieve demanding objectives. With the UIO106, a single module type covers all common analog and digital signals for inputs and outputs that can be configured individually for each channel. 

The extensive versatility of the module is rounded off by a wide range of additional functions such as counters, encoders or pulse width modulation. This simplifies the entire process from the quotation phase through planning, programming and commissioning, right up to stockkeeping and servicing. Besides the 6 freely configurable primary channels, up to 6 additional I/O channels with restricted signal types are available.



  • 6-channel analog/digital input/output module
  • Up to 6 additional channels depending on the required signal type
  • Channel-by-channel configurable signal type and direction
  • DI / counter / encoder, DO / PWM
  • AI current/voltage, Pt100, Pt1000, TC
  • AO current/voltage
  • Synchronous clocks / latch / sync out
  • Direct module-to-module communication

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