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NMEA 2000

The proven Controller Area Network, based on a 2-wire-connection, is optimized for maximum communication robustness. It is continuously applied in existing and new applications.

Several CAN-based protocols are available as software and can be chosen by configuration:

  • CANopen is configured in SolutionCenter by means of EDS files, and delivers process data directly into the process image
  •  J1939 and NMEA2000 are supported by the software module J1939SRV
  • Further, also proprietary protocols may be implemented by application programs

The two CAN ports on the module may be used independent of each other to operate two completely separated networks. Both ports are galvanic isolated and short-circuit-proof.

Configuration options for each port: 

  • NMT master according to CANopen 
  • NMT slave according to CANopen 
  • Further CAN protocols

Alternatively, both ports may be electrically connected by DIP switches, to enable a daisy-chain wiring from station to station.



  • Up to 4 CM202 modules per M1 controller 
  • Up to 8 CAN networks per M1 controller 
  • Mode of operation is selected independent for each network 
  • Node Guarding or Heartbeat protocol for network monitoring 
  • Easy configuration 
  • Monitors for commissioning and diagnosis in SolutionCenter
  • Extensive API for SDO, LMT, LSS, Emergency messages 
  • Maximum cable length depending on baud rate 
  • Maximum number of network nodes depending on baud rate 
  • Transfer rate 10 Kbaud to 1 Mbaud 
  • Galvanic isolated 
  • Short-circuit proof

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