Decentralized periphery on an outstanding level: With the launch of the M100, Bachmann delivers an I/O system which – thanks to its uncompromising robustness – complements the Bachmann portfolio perfectly. But not only that – the M100’s compact dimensions push the boundaries for machine and plant builders.

Modular machine concepts in demanding environments significantly reduce the costs of variants. The decentralized positioning of I/O stations also reduces wiring efforts, and therefore costs. With the M100 I/O system, up to 744 digital or 372 analog channels per station can be positioned cost-effectively in the smallest possible space.


For the first release, Bachmann has implemented EtherCAT as a standardized, real-time capable fieldbus. The NEC102 IO node adapter maps the powerful and flexibly configurable M100 station to a standard EtherCAT interface. The operating modes of the M100 I/O modules are defined during the configuration and are available to both an M1 master as well as to masters of other manufacturers. Thanks to distributed clocks on the EtherCAT stations that can be synchronized with external time servers, the implementation of short control intervals across the entire control system is guaranteed.

The Bachmann hardware platform design is at the very latest state of the art: System architectures, processors, logic, and signal interfaces are based on the newest technologies and provide a backbone for minimal power loss, ultra-fast data transmission and next-generation IT security. Secure Boot initialization prevents the compromise of fieldbus hardware and allows for the secure integration of remote I/O stations into the automation network.

M100 I/O System with M200 Controller System

Fieldbus Node Adapter

NEC102Node Adapter EtherCAT

System overview