The Bachmann system provides interfaces for the fieldbus of your choice. Various fieldbuses can be combined; they can be used simultaneously on one controller – multiple times and in different operating modes. The multifaceted networking ability is supported by the commissioning and diagnostic tools in the SolutionCenter. Fieldbuses ensure exchange of data in real time, both to sensors and actuators as well as to other controllers. Gateway solutions can also be implemented by combining several different buses.


Fieldbus Modules

Product overview

CM202CANopen Master Module 
DPM200 PROFIBUS® DP Master Module 
DNM201DeviceNet Master 
SEM201SERCOS Master Module 
MBUS201 MasterMBUS201 Master

Fieldbus technologies at a glance


The leading technology

The proven Controller Area Network, based on a 2-wire-connection, is optimized for maximum communication robustness. It is continuously applied in existing and new applications.

Several CAN-based protocols are available as software and can be chosen by configuration:

  • CANopen is configured in SolutionCenter by means of EDS files, and delivers process data directly into the process image
  •  J1939 and NMEA2000 are supported by the software module J1939SRV
  • Further, also proprietary protocols may be implemented by application programs

Widely used, esteemed everywhere

PROFIBUS® is a field bus that is widely used, particularly in the area of mechanical engineering and plant engineering and even today – in spite of all Ethernetbased fieldbuses – it continues to show increasing quantities. 

A broad palette of peripheral components and an active user organization will also ensure long-term availability of PROFIBUS® components in the future. Bachmann electronic offers a fieldbus interface module for the backplane that can be used both as master, as well as slave. 

The SolutionCenter contains a complete configurator that enables interfaces to the engineering tools of other manufacturers through the consistent application of standards.


Proven basis, new view

DeviceNet is based on the same physical layer as CAN, however it has an objectoriented view of the process data and uses monitored point-to-point connections. The bus system is standardized through the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association).

The DeviceNet master module and its software equipment enable operation of the M1 controller as DeviceNet master and DeviceNet slave, as well as simultaneous operation in two networks in combined master/slave mode. 

The cyclic data is available to the application program via the process image. Acyclic accesses and status commands are possible via libraries for M-PLC and C/C++. The configuration is executed via the Bachmann SolutionCenter.


The universal drive bus 

The EtherCAT® bus system is ideally suited for controlling servo-electric drives by an M1 controller. The Bachmann SolutionCenter contains convenient tools for the configuration, commissioning and diagnosis of the network. In combination with the Drive Middleware, the project planning of applications with drives of different manufacturers is also very easy.


Specialized for rigorous requirements

SERCOS (SErial Realtime COmmunication System) is a dedicated bus system for activation of high-quality electric drives and servo amplifiers. Communication is configured on the controller and distributed to the drives when the system boots. The process data of the drive is available in standardized form and makes not only the numeric values available via appropriate services, but it also makes meta information, such as symbolic names, input limits and units, available. Via service channel accesses, in addition to the cyclic process data, acyclic parameters at runtime from the application program can also be changed or transferred from a list of initial parameters at system start.


Standardized basis, integrated solution

Energy meters (gas, heat, output, water etc.) are required in power plants, and in combined heat and power generation in particular, for regulation, as well as accounting. The M-Bus standardized in EN 61334-4-1 is highly prevalent in Europe for the connection of these meters. The OSI model, if M-Bus is the physical layer, the data link according to IEC 870 and the application layer according to EN 1434-3 are specified for this protocol.

An integrated solution is provided by a rugged and easily installable M-Bus adapter and its convenient integration as a fieldbus in software communication.

System overview