Individual requirements can be met easily with a wide range of powerful CPUs based on industrial (Pentium) processors and with an extensive range of I /O modules. Real-time capable bus systems enable the automation to be decentralized without any loss of performance. 

The M200 controller perfectly combines the openness of a PC-based controller with the reliability of industrial hardware platforms. Designed for the toughest ambient conditions, they guarantee fault-free operation with fanless installation from -40 °C up to an ambient temperature of +70 °C. 

State-of-the-art system architecture designed for seamless networking capability enables the M200 to be integrated easily in the area of the controller and system peripherals. Real-time Ethernet permits real-time controller networking and the support of all currently available fieldbus systems and enables external components to be connected via standard interfaces.

The M100 series is the perfect system addition for decentralized use in combination with the Bachmann M200 series.

Modules for the M200 Control System
Processor Modules 3 series from Compact to High Performance
Digital Input/Output Modules
Input Modules, Output Modules, Input/Output Models, Relay Output Modules
Analog Input/Output Modules
Input Modules, Output Modules, Input/Output Models, Universal Modules
Function Modules
Counter Modules, Positioning Modules, Pulse Width Modulation Module, Axis Controller Module, Proportional Valve Amplifiers
Interface Modules
Industrie Ethernet, Interface Modules 
Bus Coupler
Ethernet Remote Station, CANopen Slave Modules 
Fieldbus Modules
CANopen Master Module, PROFIBUS® DP Master Module, DeviceNet Master, EtherCAT® Slave Module, SERCOS Master Module, MBUS201 Master 
CAN Slaves 
Digital, Temperature and Universal-Input/Output Modules, Head module for CANopen slave stations
System Networking
Bus Expansion Modules, FASTBUS Modules 
System Modules
Power Supply Module, Dummy Module, Backplanes

System overview