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Condition Monitoring with Bachmann: Longer Life, Higher Productivity

With increasingly competitive markets and industries, companies are challenged to run their organizations with ever more output and greater efficiency. Knowing the health of assets has become key to increasing company productivity and profit.

Condition Monitoring System (CMS) by Bachmann Monitoring, proactively increases the performance of equipment by collecting important information on the health of company assets. The reliability of machines is increased, and potentially expensive downtime is avoided. Companies can plan maintenance more efficiently to increase not only the performance and lifespans of their assets but also save valuable time and costs of manually carrying out data collection.

Bachmann Monitoring is the industry leader in condition monitoring. With more than two decades of experience in prolonging the lifespan of machines, Bachmann services thousands of installations worldwide with a complete package of individual and customized DNV-GL certified solutions.

Bachmann’s next generation CMS - controller integrated solution

Bachmann's comprehensive CMS solutions include:

  • Ω-Guard® - Bachmann's stand-alone to fully integrated hardware
  • Proprietary sensor technology reliably detects issues on low speed rotating components at a very early stage
  • The powerful CMS software, WebLog Expert, easily identifies, tracks and logs damage progression, from a single turbine to a large fleet
  • Future-proofed plug-ins and flexible interfaces to expand functionalities
  • Worldwide installation and remote monitoring with global support
  • Wide range of training options

Using the automation technology hardware as a basis, a variety of hardware and software interfaces enable Bachmann electronic to create the next level of control and condition monitoring. Our goal is an Integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System which utilizes and combines, existing, and upcoming monitored data directly into one secure solution.

New generations of machines using Bachmann automation technology (Retrofit) enables OEMs and operators access to advanced open-loop control, closed-loop control and monitoring functionalities.