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Availability and more yield

Our solutions for energy grid management combine control, communication, monitoring and visualization seamlessly into a comprehensive whole. Bachmann automation solutions thus give you the critical value addition. Critical for your success and critical for the energy supply of the future.

Integrated CMS solution
Bachmann integrates its condition monitoring solution in the automation and links the measured values to other operating parameters. This increases the diagnostic reliability of the condition monitoring: Fault patterns can be compared to the current operating situation and interpreted with greater accuracy. A systematic control even enables mechanical loads to be reduced. In this way, adjusted operating conditions can extend the lifespan of partly damaged parts up to the next plannable maintenance date.

Retrofit CMS for later upgrades

Complete offering – and lots of experience
Besides the special hardware and software, Bachmann's system offering includes a worldwide Monitoring Service, provided by Bachmann Monitoring GmbH, Bachmann's German subsidiary: The diagnostics specialists based in Rudolstadt in Thuringia, Germany, evaluate the measured data collected with the CMS module in extensive analyses and compare it with the reference data. This enables them to not only notify plant operators of verified fault messages, but also provide appraisals of the current operating state of their plants and their wind farm.

The experts at Bachmann Monitoring can draw on over 20 years of experience for their analysis processes: They currently monitor several thousand wind power plants of over 30 different OEM customers.