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Grids at the highest level

Today rigorous requirements are imposed on grid-compatibility of power generating plants. Likewise, stability and controllability of energy grids within plants are also required. The prerequisite in this regard is a reliable power quality system or power management system.

With the GSP274, the GMP232, as well as the GM260, Bachman electronic provides multiple technology modules for stable energy systems. The modules are integrated in the M1 controller system. For example, the GSP274 enables safe, reliable and automated synchronization of generators on energy grids, and ensures that capacity bottlenecks are always prevented. The fundamental prerequisites for this are coordination of power system protection, recording of loads in hard real-time, and the rapid and targeted availability of electrical energy.

Using the GMP232 ensures standard-conformant compliance with the grid connection regulations, the so-called Grid Codes, to guarantee the stability and availability of the electrical energy supply. For this, protection and monitoring functions are integrated in the 'classic' controller tasks.

While the GM260 is used for classic grid measurement. Modular software modules with standard easy-to-operate interfaces round off the package. The special technology modules, as well as the controller itself are configured in a system. Additional interfaces are not required. For instance, the modules contribute towards reducing peak loads and thus reduce the connected load of machines.

With the M1 automation system a high degree of flexibility is not inconsistent with a functional depth of integration. Design engineers have the security to implement even unusual tasks. Operating personnel and persons in charge of maintenance appreciate the safe and reliable System Events diagnostics capabilities.