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The digital I/O modules DIO16-C, DIO32-C or DIO264-C are stand-alone CAN slave modules with 16, 32 or 64 digital input/output channels. 


Approvals / Certificates

  • Stand-alone, compact CAN slave module
  • 16/32 channels can be freely configured as input or output
  • Digital outputs each with 1 A continuous current
  • Two internally connected CAN interfaces for loop-through of the cable
  • Galvanic isolation between CAN interfaces and control electronics
  • Baud rate and node ID can be set via rotary switch
  • Supply voltage 18 to 34 VDC
  • Operating range 0 to +60°C without additional cooling
  • Full wiring without additional backplanes
  • Snappable on EN 50022 backplanes

Approvals / Certificates



DIO16-C, DIO32-C, DIO264-C EN
PDF - 191 Kb
DIO16-C, DIO32-C, DIO264-C EN
DIO16-C, DIO32-C, DIO264-C DE
PDF - 198 Kb
DIO16-C, DIO32-C, DIO264-C DE

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